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By Cynthia Lo
Lynnette Lee has just transferred from another department in an electronic trading company. Previously, he got a rumor that the new boss was not a friendly. Apparently it's true, his boss looked less communicative and Lynnette face difficulties in fulfilling the tasks given to him by superiors that. Not long after Lynnette trying to decide to find a new job as the easiest way out. He resigned after working for 2 months with feeling depressed.

In the working world, many people argue that managing employees (managing people), is only intended for the boss to his subordinates. Not many people realize that the working relationship with superiors also need to be managed. Manage the working relationship with superiors is similar to managing relationships with your customers. These two things are related to human management and good relations. Not many people realize the importance of having good relations with superiors. Actually, the supervisor plays an important role in one's career advancement. For subordinates, his boss is the person who salary increases and promotions. On the other hand, superior-subordinate relations are tense causing a working atmosphere that is not prosperous and career development opportunities to be blocked, especially for subordinates. So, how do I build a superior-subordinate relationship is mutually beneficial? Let us start from some basic steps below:

Your work with the Good Work and Obey Rules
Work smart and finish your job properly. Show initiative and opened your responsibility. It is important to properly identify your company and comply with company policies. You will not be out of office (for official business) at 09:15 hours in the morning when your company starts from 09:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Understand How to Work Your boss
It is important to understand the workings of your boss. Find out if he emphasizes the practical aspects or on the values of the depth in detail. Work smart and finish your duty as directed by your superiors. If your boss likes things simple and practical, do not give it detailed things. Because of your own in the long term that will be increasingly frustrated. Then, find out what his expectations of you. Communicate with your boss and ask for continuous feedback if necessary. Meet the expected goals boss was proved to be very important.

Work As Part of Company
How does your department workis reflected the superior and subordinate . When the department you work together, the credibility of the entire personnelnya increases. Be professional and consider the department as a whole. Working together was with you and your colleagues developed as a unity. To achieve the success of a department or company, it takes team work and not work alone.